How To Apply Metal Leaf

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HOMEMADE fLOOR CLEANER – The golden touches in our living are easily made from metallic crafting and office supplies. Gold works like a warm neutral color, enhancing nearly any decor or palette. In this living room, it unites a rich,saturated scheme of midnight blue bookcases,slate and peacock pillows, and dark brown tabletops. Golden nailheads punctuate our settee’s bottom edge. Re-create the edgy look on your sofa with decorative nailhead trim in brass that’s sold in 5- yard lengths.

What You’ll  Need To Apply Metal Leaf :

  • Metal leaf kit used the basic speedball mona lisa gold leaft kit) that include
  • Adhesive
  • Sealer
  • 5 inch square sheets of imitation gold leaf
  • Paintbrush
  • Optional : gentle cleanser,fine-grit sand paper,thin cotton gloves

Follow the instructions How to apply metal leaf below :

  • Step 1

Clean and / or sand the surface to be  embellished. Porous surface may need to be sealed before you apply metal leaf.

  • Step 2

Brush on adhesive in smooth coat in desired design (a), and let dry just until tacky.

  • Step 3

Apply metal leaf. Because sheets of metal leaf are every thin and tear easily , consider earing smooth cotton gloves. Gently smooth the leaf over areas of adhesive (b)

  • Step 4

Smooth wrinkles with your fingers or a clean dry paintbrush. Discard unused leaf.  Apply clear sealer to the plate

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