How To Build A Rolling Raised Bed

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HOMEMADE FLOOR CLEANER – This raised bed salsa garden is deep enough for large plants such as peppers and tomatoes. The higher elevation makes gardening a back saving stand up job. For building instructions, see “How to build a rolling raised bed”.

To save time, have all the wood cut to length at the lumber yard. We stained our planter two shades of blue. The legs are made of sturdy 4×4 posts; wood stretches at the base keep the planter from wobbling.

Attach two locking casters to one short side of the raised bed, and two regular casters to the other side.

Instructions How to build a rolling raised bed below :

What you’ll need

  • Three 2x6x37 inch cedar boards
  • Two 1x4x16 inch cedar boards
  • Six 1x6x38 inch cedar boards
  • Four 2x4x13 inch cedar boards
  • Four 4x4x21 inch cedar boards
  • Two 2x4x28 inch cedar boards
  • Two 2x4x9 inch cedar boards
  • 2 inch exterior screws
  • 3 inch exterior screws
  • Drill
  • Four caster ( two locking )
  • Wood stain
  • Brush
  • 6 feet weed blocking bed liner


  • Step 1

Lay 2×6 boards side by side; place 1×4 boards 4 inches from both ends. Fasten with 2 inch screws ( a )

  • Step 2

To create a rectangular box section, fasten two 1x6x38 inch cedar boards to two 1x6x18 inch boards using 3 inch screws ( b ). Position the longer boards outside the shorter boards. Make two more ( c )

  • Step 3

Insert piece from step 1 into one box frame with cross boards on the bottom (d ). Recess the bottom using a 1 inch piece of scrap wood ( e ) for even spacing. Fasten bottom to box section using 2 inch screw every 6 inches ( f ).

  • Step 4

Add remaining box sections. Put at 13 inch 2×4 in each corner, even with the bottom of the box . The boards will be 2 inches shorter than the the top of the box ( g ). Fasten with 3 inch screws.

  • Step 5

Stand box on 4×4 post ( h ). Fasten posts from inside the box using four 3 inch screws for each post ( I ).

  • Step 6

Put remaining 2×4 boards between post positioning them 1/2 inch from the bottom of the posts. Drill through 2x4s into posts at an angle. Fasten crosspieces to posts using 3 inch screws.

  • Step 7

Fasten casters to base of posts using 2 inch screws. Stain cart to desired colors. Line box and fill with soil ( j )

Now it’s your turn to practice build A Rolling raised bed

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