Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution Easily

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Have you ever thought about homemade carpet cleaner solution? keeping carpets clean to avoid bacteria or fungi that can transmit certain diseases to humans. If you feel burdened with an expensive price carpet cleaners or you find it difficult to find a carpet cleaner that is safe for your carpet, now you don’t have to worry about it because you can make it yourself at home.

Here are some types of homemade carpet cleaner solution

homemade carpet cleaner solution

  1.  Vinegar solution: Mix one part vinegar to ten parts water. This will get rid of spots quickly. The smell of vinegar will wear off when the carpet dries.
  2. Ammonia: To make this solution, use the same ratio as in the vinegar solution. When you use this solution as a cleaner, make sure that you open the windows because the smell will not go away until they are dry.
  3.  Windex solution: For this one cleaning solution, you can also make it with still the same comparison and inserted into your steamer.
  4.  A mixture of water, dishwashing liquid, and ammonia: Pour a few gallons of water, then add 3 tsp dishwashing liquid and 1/4 cup ammonia.
  5. A mixture of warm water, vinegar, freeze and OxiClean: input 1 cup vinegar and 1 tablespoon OxiClean into the water. This solution can be used on sofas and carpets. The smell of vinegar will disappear until the carpet has dried.
  6.  Tide laundry soap and water: We use this solution as a carpet shampoo. Make yourself at home carpet cleaners can reduce the cost of cleaning the carpet.
  7. OxiClean solution: This solution is useful for removing stains and odors that exist on your carpet.
  8. Water: Pour 100% pure water into your steamer.


Another method you can learn how to create your own carpet cleaning by reading the trial and several other blogs. By creating your own carpet cleaner solution, you can reduce the use of chemicals on your carpet and also reduce the cost of your expenses.

Good luck, hopefully useful, thank you

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