How To Cleaning Hardwood Floors With Natural Cleaners

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Here I will share tips on how to cleaning hardwood floors with natural cleaners. The best cleanser for your wooden floor is cleaners that don’t leave a residue of oil and wax on your wood floors. For overcome these two residues, of course, you need different cleaners. To solve this problem, you can use natural ingredients that can be used for all types of floors. Be sure to reduce water usage on the type of wood flooring, due to the excessive water will damage the wood floor.

Still curious by cleaning hardwood floors with natural cleaners?

liquid floor cleaners is a material which is very needed by your home. Natural materials are very important functions to clean the floors in your home to its full potential. The question is whether you will purchase these floor cleaners with your own money or you will prepare the floor cleaner by making it yourself. In fact, a great selection of herbal ingredients that you can use to create simple floor cleaner.

how to cleaning hardwood floors

In fact, if you use a wood floor in your house, you don’t need every day to clean it with cleanser because it will make wood floors become damp and sweep too often in a single day will be able to scratch the surface of the wood flooring. When the floor is not too dirty but you want to clean it, use a cleanser with a neutral PH. For example, you can create a cleaner with a mixture of the following ways. Mix 1 gallon of water with castile soap into a bucket. Then dip the cloth into the solution, don’t forget to wring it out so as not to make wood floors become damp. To give a fresh scent in your room, add one drop of essential oil into the solution. Flooring specialists recommend us to use vinegar as one of the ingredients of Flooring specialists recommend us to use vinegar as one of the ingredients of an effective and simple way to remove stains that are difficult to clean on the floor of our house. Use a mixture of vinegar and water with a ratio of 1:1 or soapy water will be able to make your floor be clean with the appropriate uses. Wipe the floor with a cloth soaked with cleanser, then rinse wipe the floor with plain water. After finished, dry the floor with a dry cloth.

The acidity of the vinegar that gives a good quality cleanser and can make wood floors can last a long time. To create a cleaning solution with tea, you can use black tea as an ingredient. Pour 2 liters of water into a bucket and add 5-20 black tea bags into a bucket. Wipe the floor with the black tea solution, don’t forget to dry the floor so your wood floor will be shining.

If your floor contains wax and oil, of course, it will require extra care. Because wax on your floors will make it look dirty and yellow, so you need to clean it periodically. To clean it, use mineral spirits. Soak cloth or mop in a solution of mineral and rub it all over the floor surface, then by itself wax will be eroded. In addition to the mineral spirits, you can clean it with polyurethane. Mix lemon juice and mineral oil with a ratio of 1 : 1. Use a soft cloth to wipe the floor with this mixture. Nitric acid in the lemon juice will remove the dirt on the floor while mineral oil will maintain the floor and make it shine. Very easy right ? cleaning hardwood floors with natural.

So my writing about how to cleaning hardwood floors with natural material, hopefully, this article helped you, thanks

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