How To Create Book Art

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What to do with old books..Let’s we try to  Create Book Art.  The text textural wall art was made from old books found at flea markets. we choose hardcover books similar in size and page count. Using a book or two with art on the inside cover adds to the appeal of the final grouping. We hang nine books in rows of three by securing them with brads hammered into the corner of each books.

How To Create Book Art

Steps to Create Book Art

What Youll need :

– Hardcover Books

– Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

– Backer Board


Step 1

Cut The Backer Board into a Rectangle 1-2 inches smaller than the back of you book. Apply hot glue to the backer board. (a)


Step 2

Open the book and  press in the center , along the spin, so the cover lies flat. Press the glued side of the backer board to the open cover, and hold about the minute until the glue dries (b)


Step 3

Determine the fold or folds you want to use to achieve your final look.Begin folding pages at the front of the book.(c )



Fold each page in the book the same to achieve a uniform design.


To achieve variegated design .


count the total number of pages of divide the book into even sections. Use one type of fold in each section (d)


To make your design symmetrical, fold one section in the front of the book and then repeat the pattern with the same number of pages from the back of the book.

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