How To Fold Origami Roses

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What you’ll need to make origami roses:

  • Origami paper or mulberry specialty paper
  • Bone folder

Follow the steps to Fold Origami roses below

  • Step 1

Create preliminary base. Fold square paper in half, both ways (a).

Fold paper in half diagonally, both ways (b).

Unfold (c).

You should have an “X” pattern and a “+” pattern. Reinforce creases using a bone folder (or fingers). Fold one of the diagonal creases to create a large triangle. Pinch the bottom of the triangle and the center of the fold. Side panels will billow out slightly, Press down on the sides to bring the corners together (d)


  • Step 2

Now you have a square shape. Turn the square so the diagonal crease line that is showing goes form the top left corner to the bottom right corner. You’ll notice that the bottom right corner has four points and the the top left corner is one point. Fold the top layer of the bottom right flap up (e).

One point will automatically travel upward. Now, fold that point to the top left corner. Crease (f)

  • Step 3

Turn the square over and repeat flap folding on the other side. You should now have an upside down “L” shape (g).

The top left corner shown in this step will become the inside center coil of the rose. Reinforce all fold lines. Hold paper with the open part of the “L” facing down. Now you’ll be able to see all the folds on the top. Find the center point of paper. There will be four areas around that point for your fingers to hold if you’re using your thumb.pointer,index, and ring fingers.


  • Step 4

Continue holding on to the center point and turn the paper over in your hand so that you can see overlapping layers of paper (h).

Cup your other hand over the layered side and begin to twist that center point clockwise. Twist as tightly as you can, creating the inner rose coil. Fold outer flaps down to create the rose shape (I).

You can use a pencil to curl the outer rose edges downward, left and above left.




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