Homemade Natural And Effective Floor Cleaners

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Curious about how to make Natural and Effective Floor Cleaners? Liquid floor cleaner is a very needed by your home. This material is a function which is very important to clean the floors of your home to its full potential. The question is whether you will buy cleaners floor with your own money or you will prepare floor cleaners by making it yourself.

This is the reason why you must use products that are natural and effective floor cleaners

Floor cleaning products that you buy in the supermarket usually contain chemicals that are harmful. The chemical content of a very strong it will potentially poison the body. Floor cleaning products are also dangerous because it is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, you must think twice before buying it. The rest of the floor cleaner results disposal will become waste and damage to the ecosystem that is in a river or a Lake near your neighborhood.

Homemade Natural and Effective Floor Cleaners

Some alternative natural ingredients that can be used to clean the House and home appliances.

Baking Soda

Bicarbonate of soda or baking soda is alkaline and salt mixture. If mixed with acid, will produce carbon dioxide bubbles and foam that effectively removes oil and stain. Bicarbonate of soda can be a powerful tool for cleaning the outside of the oven. Mix with a little water and no matter your oven glazed snap. You can also use bicarbonate of soda are mixed salts, to clean up the spilled tea or coffee stain on the fabric of the Chair.

Clove Oil

Produced from dried clove flower bud, this oil is commonly available at drug stores or chemicals. Clove oil is useful to prevent mildew. To clean mildew on the ceiling, you can mix a few drops of oil of clove with warm water in a spray bottle, and then to the moldy. In addition to eliminating fungus, the solution is also effective to prevent the onset of mold.

Eucalyptus Oil

All would already know the benefits of eucalyptus oil to cope with flu and cold. However, it turns out that this oil is also beneficial as a disinfectant or killer germs on the furniture or fixtures of the House. A mixture of eucalyptus oil in a bucket of MOP water you will make it a natural floor cleaner, and able to reduce mites if mixed in water washing sheets or blankets. This oil also useful cleanup germs that cling to the inside of the closet.


Has a slightly acidic liquid, and serves as a good cleanser because it is capable of lifting oil stains, and kill bacteria. You can use it to clean up the grime on the window, with the spray directly or mixed with warm water, and then Wipe with a cloth. A mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda can also be so safe cleaners to kitchen furniture and marble, except for the equipment.
Homemade Natural and Effective Floor Cleaners turned out to be very easy, good luck

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