Homemade No Residue Floor Cleaners At home

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I will share tips on homemade no residue floor cleaners. The natural chemical residues in contrast to filtrate residue which means substances that did not qualify in the filtering. The use of the word residual is usually identical to things less well, which tend to have the negative meaning of the word or have an adverse effect on the environment.

See the little play with cheerful, it felt immeasurably pleased. However, there is the anxiety that normally experienced by the mother. Does the House have become a safe place for young children to play? For that, make the House into a place that is safe and fun for young children.The play area in a clean and Hygienic Bacteria and dirt there really is everywhere, so to the little play area floor. Although already in the MOP over and over, sure the floor is safe for small children? Especially for children aged toddler who just learning to crawl and often incorporate hand to mouth. Of course, You worry if the floor cleaning products used contain chemicals that are hazardous residue left on the floor

Make your own No Residue Floor Cleaners

Everyone will crave to have a clean and tidy house. To be able to make your house is always clean every day, it is necessary housekeeping that is fast, easy, and affordable. To save on your expenses, you can make your own floor cleaners for your home. So to make your floor cleaners work more effectively, mix it with water so as not to leave any residue and disinfectants.

Homemade No Residue Floor Cleaners at home


  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • White vinegar
  • Essential oil


    1. Pour hot water into the bucket and mix with vinegar. Add 15 drops of essential oil into the bucket and stir until it mixed.
    2. Dip the mop into the bucket and wring it out

Mop the floor as usual, and set some time until the floor is completely dry.


Tips:   You can change essential oil with tea tree oil or lemon oil.


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