How To Make A Branch Shelf

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HOMEMADE FLOOR CLEANER – Flaunting both form and function, this branch shelf is sure to grow on you. Use our pattern design a motif that suits your space.

To keep pencil cups in the desk secure, use a hole saw to drill holes in the top panel. Insert glasses and fill with your favorite creative tools. Use a tapered glass that won’t fall through the hole.

A coat of primer and paint refreshed this old metal desk lamp nicely.Magnetic primer turns an entire wall into a versatile memo board. Follow directions carefully, stirring the primer regularly and applying more coats that recommended ( we use seven coats).

Top with one coat of your favorite wall color. Use strong magnets for best results. To make our magnets, we used nature – theme wood shapes from the scrapbook section of a craft store. We traced the shape on scrapbook paper, glued it to the wood, then topped with paper glaze. On the back we glued a rare earth magnet.

Let us create a branch shelf as directed below

What you’ll need :

  • Pattern ( it’s up to your taste )
  • Jigsaw
  • Coping saw
  • Sandpaper and tack cloth
  • 2×2 boards
  • Drill, drill bits and screws
  • Primer, paint and paintbrush
  • Paint maker
  • 1×6 inch maple board
  • Clear varnish
  • Picture hangers


  • Step 1

Enlarge the pattern to desire size. Use software to tile the pattern or make several overlapping photocopies and tile them manually. Trace pattern on MDF, then use a jigsaw to cut the shapes and a coping saw for detailed areas. Sand edges and wipe with a tack cloth.

  • Step 2

Cut lengths of 2×2 boards to fit the back of each arm and screw to secure in place. These board block the branch out from the wall to give it more dimension and to support the maple shelves. Prime and paint the branch. When dry, use a paint marker to draw wood grain and leaf details on the front. ( a )

  • Step 3

Cut three shelves from 1×6 – inch maple board to fit on top of each arm of the branch. Sand edges and wipe with a tack cloth. Varnish each shelf and let dry. Screw shelves to blocking boards behind the MDF branch. Secure two or three picture hangers to the blocking boards to hang. ( b )


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