Make The Kitchen Look More Elegant

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HOMEMADE FLOOR CLEANER – A kitchen in the city, whether in a townhouse or the latest new apartment, need to be vibrant, slick and streamlined to fit in the ethos and atmosphere of being in the thick of it. City dwellers have the advantage of the cream of the crop of high end kitchen showrooms, with the associated design talent that a city showroom attracts. If inspiration is required, it’s possible to see a host of showrooms without having to travel too far if you’re in London. Try Chelsea harbour or wigmore street for stunning showrooms with innovative displays of cabinetry,appliance and other style solutions.

Steal ideas from glamorous locations such a luxury hotels, bars and restaurants  especially if the kitchen has a view over the city and you’re partial to throwing the odd party. Every kitchen needs the practicalities of dishwasher, sink,hob,waste bin et al, but these element can easily be disguised behind cabinet doors and presented so that they create a glamorous and elegant room which also accommodates guests, champagne and joie de vivre.


Contemporary apartments or new conversions in older buildings may not have spacious kitchen, when space is at premium, it’s often the kitchen that may be allocated a proportionally smaller area. These kitchen spaces may also flow straight into the living room and the apartment may not necessarily have a separate dining room, perhaps relying instead on breakfast bar/island arrangement that can double as a dining space. Enhance the formality and practicality of an island of breakfast bar that also need to serve as a dining space by highlighting it with a glamorous or dramatic chandelier or series of pendant lights, and comfortable,attractive bar stools or upholstered chairs. Look at the ranges from Heal’s and the Conran shop for inspiration, and try and arrange things so that a city view is appreciated while prepping or dining.


In open plan living spaces, where the kitchen itself is highly visible and constant display, it makes sense to include a high proportion of concealed storage, so the kitchen can be ‘put way’ when not in use. Slide-back or pocket doors are invaluable in this situation (try ideas from espresso design,boffi) focus on choosing an appealing mixture of colours, textures and surface materials to please the eye, while not creating too much visual chaos. Points of contrast are important, but at the same time a coherent and harmonious look will create a peaceful ambiance. Neutral shades, natural materials and small amounts of indulgent decorative features will make all the difference- think glossy granite or glass work surfaces working with the warm appeal of natural timbers. Warm metallics  are top of the trends list at the moment  with copper shades in particular working well for lighting and splashback effects. Look for metallic glass finishes to add a real sense of luxury  without the cool clinical feel that is often associated with steel and silver finishes.


Lighting is of paramount importance for these kind of spaces. Layering is important  where task, ambient and accent lighting work together to fulfil the myriad functions needed. The city kitchen is often designed with entertaining in mind, so the possibility of different lighting levels and moods is crucial. The options should also be taken to include as many remote control and iphone/smartphone   app controls as possible – especially if the kitchen space is pieds-a-terre where the opportunity to check security system, control lights, temperature and son on from a distance is likely to be a very useful and convenient option. Consult specialist AV designers and installers to get the best result – they can link all TV, telephone, media and wireless requirements at the same time,usually at the inception of the design and installation of the kitchen and lighting system.

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