How To Make A Silvery Leaf Wreath

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When impending frost spells an end to the garden, set up a window box indoors and make a living cornucopia. Wrap a wooden planter with velvet. Add plants that are widely available in late fall and early winter, flowering cabbages, pansies, dwarf evergreens, and herbs. Tuck int other seasonal gems, including small gourds, hedge balls, and berried branch tips. Hang silvery wreath that’s made with dried leaves, to complete an unexpected and lasting display.

Instructions for How to make a silvery leaf wreath

What you’ll need :

  • Foam flat- ring wreath base
  • Silver- leaf wax metallic finish
  • 1/2 inch brush
  • Magnolia leaves
  • Mineral spirits
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Skeletonized leaves
  • Dusty miller leaves
  • Lamb’s ears leaves
  • Sage leaves
  • Ornamental oregano bracts
  • 2 inch wide velvet ribbon


  • Step 1

Gather materials ( a ).

Dry an assortment of leaves. Skeletonized leaves are available from crafts suppliers.


  • Step 2

Brush silver leaf wax metallic finish on the tops of the magnolia leaves (b).

Clean the brush with mineral spirits.


  • Step 3

Attach magnolia leaves to the wreath base bay dabbing hot glue on the stem ends and pressing them in place around the back outer edge ( C ).

Add a second layer of magnolia leaves, attaching them to the outer perimeter of the ring with hot glue, and pushing the stem ends into the foam.

  • Step 4

Affix a layer of skeletonized leaves and of dusty miller leaves, placing them side by side and hot gluing to secure the stem ends to the wreath base ( d ).


  • Step 5

Conceal the inner edge of the wrath base gluing lamb ears leaves horizontally and overlapping the leaves as needed ( e ).


  • Step 6

Complete the wreath by gluing sage and small dusty miller leaves, alternating their placement on the inner edge. For a finishing touch, add ornamental oregano bracts (leaf like flowers) ( f ).

Hang your wreath using a length of velvet ribbon . Handle the wreath carefully – it will be fragile.

Now it’s your turn to try to make silvery leaf wreath

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