How To Make Simple Stone Floor Cleaners

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The stone floors are very durable, but to clean and take care of remain important. This article contains information about how to create simple stone floor cleaners.  Stone floor is a beautiful complement that can make the aesthetics in your house. However, the stone floor is classified as a difficult floor to clean because it has a porous floor. Use the wrong cleaners can damage your floors instance if you use lemon juice and ammonia, of course, it can make the floor became damaged. Safe cleaning materials which you can use to clean the stone floor is a detergent, vinegar, and warm water.

Learn how to make simple stone floor Cleaners consisting of two an easy process.

The best way is:

how to make simple stone floor cleaners

1.     How to clean the stone floor every day?

For those of you who want to clean your stone floor every day, you can make your own cleaning solution. Pour ¾ of water into a bowl and add 1/4 cup of detergent or you can replace it with soap. You can do it using a soft cloth soaked in the solution until the cloth becomes damp.  While to clean the floor thoroughly, mixing 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 gallon of hot water. Wipe your stone floor with the solution using a mop. For part of the floor which is contained stained, fill a spray bottle with water and the vinegar and then spray the solution on the stain and wipe with a mop that has been moistened with water.

2.       How to deep cleaning?

When the stain began to enter into the pores of your stone floor, it will appear spots on the floor. Many people clean it using bleach, but it was not a good idea because it will make the color change and the effects of erosion on the floor. So to clean it, try to scrub the floor with a soft bristle brush previously dipped in a solution of vinegar. Don’t use a metal bristle brush it will cause scratches on the floor. If you do the cleaning routine with a mop and sweep every day, it would be beneficial to treat the stone floor.

Tips:  Stone has a tendency to become dull over time and polish the floor would make it look beautiful if you apply after cleansing. Make sure the stone floor is completely dry before polishing.

So my article about how to make a simple stone floor cleaners, it may be useful to you, good luck and thanks


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