How To Make Square Pencil Cup With A Yardstick

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HOMEMADE FLOOR CLEANER – What to do with yardsticks – What we did…The whole office will be abuzz over the desk accessories. Remove the clip from a purchased clipboard by drilling out the rivets. Cut yardsticks into approximate lengths to cover the clipboard, then use wood glue to secure them to the board. Clamp and let dry. Trim excess yardstick from the edges using a router. Use screws to reattach the clip . For the petite vase, we cut yardstick into 3- inch lengths and used gorilla glue to secure the pieces around a small almond tin. A rubber band kept the sticks in place while the glue dried. See instructions, below. For how to make square pencil cup.

How to make square pencil cup with a yardstick

What You’ll need :

  • 2 yardsticks
  • Table saw or handsaw
  • Drill and bit
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain and rag ( optional)
  • Yarn
  • Yarn needle
  • Wood glue
  • Paper clips


  • Step1

Cut yardsticks into 5- inch piece. On eight of the pieces, drill holes 1/2 inch from edge and 1/2 inch apart (a).

Sand holes smooth (b)

  • Step 2

If yardsticks are unfinished like ours, stain them desired color (c) and let dry.

Step 3

Use a needle and yarn to sew two drilled sticks together. Knot end of yarn, hold sticks side by side, and bring yarn up from the back of the top hole of one of the sticks. Bring needle across and down through the second hole in the other stick to form a diagonal stitch. Bring needle straight across the back and up through the second hole in the first stick. Continue stitching, angling in the front and straight in the back, until you reach the end. Start back in the opposite direction. Angling yarn in the front to create an X ( d and e ). Knot in the back when you reach the end, and trim excess yarn. Turn sticks to create a corner piece. Repeat with remaining drilled sticks to create four corner pieces.


Step 4

Use wood glue to secure non drilled, center stick to the corner pieces (f and g) and clamp with clips while drying (h). Repeat until you have four sides. Place an empty can inside and fill with pencils or other office supplies

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