Tile Trends For The Kitchen And Bath

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Texture, pattern and size guide bold new looks in tile for the kitchen and bath

In today’s kitchen and bath designs, tile is often coming up as the wild  card, where literally anything goes. Going for a classic look? Marble and neutral stone work seamlessly to bring the design up a notch. Rustic?  How about textured tile and rugged stones? Bold colors and paint patterns  work wonders in an Old World style or internationally inspired theme. Looking for a little shimmer? Just look for tile with touches of glass or metal. The possibilities are as endless as the tile being offered.

Current tile trends include all of these looks, and so much more. Glass, stainless, porcelain, stone and terracotta are all making statements of their own, in a range of colors almost unimaginable. Patterns, textures and painted finishes are adding depth and interest where fat surfaces were once the norm.

The hottest tile trends being seen in today’s kitchens and baths

Kitchen & Bath Design News touches on a few of the hottest tile trends being seen in today’s kitchens and baths, as well as products that represent those trends.



Glass tiles add depth and dazzle that ceramic and stone can’t deliver. Offered in a range of finishes from glossy to fat, glass is shown in an endless variety of colors, and can work in small doses as an accent as well as a cover for entire walls.


Tiles featuring a mix of materials are often mosaics, and usually feature glass or metal for added sparkle. In addition to glass and metal, common materials include stone, concrete and marble.


Shapes aren’t static squares in today’s mosaics, as they can include rectangles, circles and hexagons, or patterned designs and irregular forms for added interest. Currently, mosaics that take their design cues from textiles and wall coverings are hot.


Texture has never been hotter in the world of tile, and patterns and depths have never been more interesting. Designers are mixing tiles of different shapes, sizes, thicknesses and textures to add personality and one-of-a-kind looks to back splashes and baths.


Pattern is prominent in tiles that draw inspiration from Spanish, Moroccan and other international influences. Styles range from elegant patchworks to bold-colored prints and shapes.


Contemporary technology is making its mark in the tile industry in a big way, with digital printing being relied on to make ceramic tile look like anything but. The appearance of natural stone, marble, terracotta, brick, metal, wood and so many other mediums can now be transferred to ceramic tile to give rooms the look without the expense and maintenance associated with other products.

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