How To Make A Unique Birthday Card To Party

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This versatile Birthday card can be used for a whole host of occasions


  • Carefully trace the insert lines for the pop up section with a sharp white pencil.
  • Trace the border lines, but only for guidance, don’t emboss them.


  • Colour the balloons over the pattern without tracing using polychromos pencils and blending the colour for the balloons.
  • Colour the parcels from the back to begin with as blending will rub away the outlines.
  • Once you have the shapes defined, add more colour to the front and start shading around the stars and under the scallops and buttons

You will Need To Making A Unique Birthday Card :

  • Your basic tool kit plus :
  • Fine straight grid
  • Multi grid no. 5
  • Multi grid no 20
  • Small star embossing tool or PCA small sun embossing tool plus
  • Faber castell polychromos pencils
  • 3mm double sided tape
  • Ribbon
  • Blue insert card



  • Trace the top of the cup cake with a white pencil and colour the of the design without tracing



  • With a shader tool, emboss the highlights on the balloons and the patterns on the parcels with a fine ball tool to outline the stars.
  • For the front of the pieces, emboss the icing on the cup cake and lettering
  • Use your sun  or star tool to add decoration around the ribbons.


Finishing of Making A Unique Birthday Card

  • Lightly fold the insert but don’t crease it too heavily, this will make it easier to fold the centre parcels the opposite way.
  • With a craft knife, cut through the red lines indicated on the pattern.
  • Fold the patterns in the directions indicated on the pattern.
  • Once all of the folds are made, carefully fold the parchment easing the smaller folds into place and press flat.
  • Trim around the edges with a craft knife.
  • Fold a piece of coloured and trim to the same size.
  • Put a piece of 3 mm double sided tape around the four edges on the back.
  • Don’t remove all of the backing paper of the tape, just a small piece from each end and fold it away from the parchment.
  • Push the folded parchment into the folded card and when in place press the corners were the tape is clear, then remove the tape from all sides pressing it into place. Because the tape can be seen, either colour over it with a pencil in a darker colour.
  • Trim the front piece of the parchment and stick to the front of the card with a dot of glue behind peel off corners and tiny strips of double sided tape behind the folds of the cup cake.
  • Add small bows of ribbon to the parcels.
  • Add a piece of white card to the back for writing a greeting.


Top tip

You may find it easier to cut a very narrow strip of card and place it alongside the fold lines, putting it under or over the slits according to the fold, and pressing the parchment up against this to initial fold.



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