Update Your Bathroom Radiator From Traditional To Modern

Homemade floor cleaner – Update Your Bathroom Radiator From traditional to modern, the latest models can transform the look of your space, keeping it warm and dry. If space is tight,look for a multipurpose radiator with built in storage. Shelf designs are increasingly popular, providing extra space for spare towels.

Update Bathroom Radiator

Picking the right heat source will make all the difference to the look and feel of your bathroom.
Whether you opt for a full size radiator or a designer towel warmer, there are hundreds of options and styles to choose from. Full – power radiators are available in a wide range of design, from classic victorian to cutting edge sculptural pieces. Tall designer radiators are especially popular and give a large blank wall a central focus away from the bath suite. Shiny chrome or stainless-steel rails suit most contemporary bathrooms, while white towel ones work better in a traditional setting.

Your choice of radiator will greatly depend on the size of the bathroom. A simple towel warmer should be enough to heat a tiny room, but a big space may require a combination of heat source, To work out the power ( measured in BTU or watts) of radiator you need for the size of the room,ask our plumber or search online for simple BTU calculator. Input a few details dimensions, number of windows etc, and it will give you figure instantly.

If you ready have central heating radiator in the bathroom, you should only need a relatively low powered towel warmer, with prices from $80. You could also consider an electric or dual fuel design, so you can keep towels warm even in summer when the main heating isn’t needed. It is also important to consider how much wall space is available in your bathroom. A full size towel radiator that can heat a large room will need most of the a wall mounted at waist height, leaving space below for storage,while narrow rails can utilise otherwise wasted space, or slot in behind the door.


Essential Information for Bathroom Radiator

  • Steel Radiators

These heat quicker compared to traditional cast iron, but cool down faster. Modern aluminium radiators heat fastest and require less water, making them energy efficient.

  • Glass design

Work with electricity and can be printed with images for a bespoke finish

  • Chrome or High gloss

This type of radiator looks good, but doesn’t conduct heat as well as white and matt design.

  •   There’s strength in numbers

Two separate single radiators are actually more efficient than one double.

  •   Heat output

Most radiator companies will have a BTU/watts calculator on their website. Ideally you want to choose a radiator that has an output that is just above the heat loss value.


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