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Rome : Part 2

La Pieta is now guarded off because some wacko tried to chisel the nose off of Mary. The Sistine Chapel. It would be best to travel alone. It is a worldwide attraction, I understand. But you will need to find enough air to breathe, let alone a place to stand. But each and every section […]

Rome : Part 1

Straight from the UK in a short three hour Aerlingus flight, much different than the first class seating I’d had from JFK, we’d flown to Rome. Luckily we got there at night and had a chance to relax! I’d had the first good night’s sleep that I’d had in almost 48 hours in the fluffy […]

Outside The Comfort Zone Part 3

I know what I want travel to look like in the future. After seeing a few gems of South America, the predictability of Europe sounds incredibly dull. Part of what made the places I saw awesome is that I hardly knew anything about them. Seeing them for the first time was genuinely seeing them for […]

Outside The Comfort Zone Part 2

So, like I said, study abroad is a risk. You’re not entitled to have an awesome time just because you worked 70-hour weeks over the summer so you could afford to get there. Other students who have done the exact same program as me have absolutely loved it, and I know that my general dislike […]

Outside The Comfort Zone Part 1

In three days, I’m boarding American Airlines flight 997 from Buenos Aires to Dallas. My classes and internship have finished, I’m done traveling and my only responsibilities are to pack and mail out some postcards I promised people I’d send months ago. Whoops. I don’t think you actually get credit for study abroad unless you […]

Buenos Aires, In A Sense

Buenos Aires contains recognizable elements of many large American cities. The vastness of LA meets the hip neighborhoods of San Francisco at the intersection of sporadic New York stench and history-was-made-here Philadelphia. All of these elements come together to make an enormous puzzle of a city I’ve spent five weeks trying to decipher, and slowly […]