How To Clean Softwood Floors At Home

Here we are trying how to clean softwood floors types. The floor is clean, well maintained and become homeowners always emphasize things that are unsightly. The floor of the House has a lot of ceramic material, marble, and even wood. If you have a floor softwood, the impression of the space to be more warm and elegant. Floor care requires special attention because of the softwood floors a little more sensitive. Therefore, we share tips on how to clean it. For daily care, you can use a Vacum cleaner with nozzle soft, soft bristle broom or nylon wearing by wagon. Softwood floors have in common with wood floors in general, but this timber floor has particularly a softer texture. In addition, the softwood floor has a cheaper price than the usual wooden floors, because this floor is made from the wood of pine trees. However, to clean it we have to find the right solution and safe so as not to damage the texture on your wooden floor.

Clean Softwood Floors
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The steps to note how to clean softwood floors include:

  • Check the wood floor and make sure the floor is completely clean of debris seen by eye with the broom Soft nylon, for example, paper, thick dust, hair etc. Lifting the dirt by using a Dustpan (Shovel).
  • We recommend that you use the correct lobby wheelbarrows fabric – properly clean and dry, no drug or oil added to fabric floor lobby wheelbarrows
  • Collect dirt in one corner of the room and lift the dirt by using a dustpan and broom nylon then exhaust into the trash can available

Materials needed :

  • Bucket
  • Dust mop
  • 2 cleaning mop
  • Vinegar
  1. Before you start to clean it with a cleaning solution, clean the dust and dirt on the floor with a dust mop.
  2. Make a cleaning solution, pour 1 gallon of warm water into a bucket and mix 1/2 cup white vinegar.
  3. Dip the mop into the bucket, then squeeze to be a damp cloth. Over- saturation will cause wood become enlarged and easily cracked.
  4. Wipe the wooden floors using a mop soaked with a solution and follow the wood paneling. Repeat this process until all the floors clean.
  5. After finished, dry the wood floor with a dry mop.

Tips and warning :

Don’t mop softwood floor with water because water can cause the moldiness on wood, but before trying the floor better already vacuum advance

So the tips from me about how to clean softwood  floors, it might be useful, thanks

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