Halfway There (living on a prayer) – Part 1

On October 9, he asked me what day it was.

“It’s the halfway point for your study abroad trip.”

(Ok, so that’s not actually what Tina Fey wrote, but someone here told me I look like Lindsey Lohan* so I feel like I’m allowed to quote Mean Girls.)

It’s true though. I’m officially on the downhill slump until I get to ignore a stewardess telling me to fasten my seatbelt and eat food that samurai’s my digestive system on my way back to the United States. To celebrate reaching this point, I figured it’s probably time that I do some explaining about what I’m actually doing with my life.

The first question I usually get from friends and family stateside is where I’ve been traveling. If my study abroad experience were the body of a woman and fat distribution were based on travel, she would have the torso and arms of an A-cup Barbie and the lower body of a Telly Tubby. Translation: basically all of our travel happens in this second half, starting today. We (the people of the Missouri School of Journalism Buenos Aires 2014) planned our trips this way because a.) hostels and transportation are cheaper if you book them farther in advance, b.) we have more breaks from school during this time and c.) the weather will be warmer because the Southern Hemisphere is not the Northern Hemisphere and December means WARM SUN YAY.

This is the breakdown of our planned travel adventures:

  • Today-Sunday: Mendoza. Argentine wine country. Mountains. OMG mountains.
  • 27-29: Uruguay. Class trip. Also my 21st, because there’s no way to celebrate turning 21 like touring Uruguayan media companies.
  • November 7-9: Iguazu Falls. Waterfalls and nature.
  • Possible trip to Mar del Plata somewhere in here. Beach. Sun. Weeeeee.
  • November 21-December 3ish: Patagonia. Nature. Postcard-picture worthy sights. A week and a half without emergency vehicle sirens and fear of stepping in unidentified puddles of animal excrement.

Wow! Wowza! Wow!

So, I’ve been in Buenos Aires for 8.5 weeks now. A typical weekday in the life of Colette works like this:

  • Wake up and eat two pieces of toast smothered in peanut butter and a sliced banana (sometimes the best part of my day).
  • Go to class for an hour and a half. Get knowledge. Probably step in a puddle that’s an unidentifiable mix of either animal excrement, rain water or soapy water shopkeepers use to clean the ground in front of their windows. Or a combination of all three.
  • Come back to the apartment. Lunch.
  • Three days of the week, I go to my internship and do super cool intern things**
  • Fluff time.
  • Dinner.
  • Go to sleep. Repeat.

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