My Emotion Panel: Part 1

I have to say I was growing tired of these Disney Pixars. Perhaps I am biased because I grew up with the fascinating animations that looked 3-D, like the very opening scene of Beauty and the Beast or the forest views from Pocahontas. Nothing compared to the lifelike graphics of Pixar, of course, but I guess it was because I still loved a fantasy, and computer graphics seem to make things look so real, that its almost like watching a movie with real actors, even if the “actors” are little one-eyed monsters running around or ants or Madagascar animals. Finding Nemo was one of the first Pixars, and Frozen was epic, I’ll give Pixar those. Beyond that, the Toy Stories had their funny moments and everyone loves Tom Hanks even as a 3-D cowboy but I couldn’t really appreciate the Incredibles and I’ll be honest I never saw Wall-E or any of the related because little monsters that crack out cheesy jokes wasn’t something that appealed to me.

My mother and I on the rainy Saturday night before Fathers day got a bit of cabin fever and we watched the trailer of Inside Out. It showed personified thoughts in a mother’s brain, a father’s brain, and in that of a little girl. I thought this was an interesting concept to reflect the neuroscience of the brain in a child’s movie and make it humorous as well as educational. So we thought we’d see what all the fuss was about, it having dominated the box office in millions.

Inside Out has a celebrity cast/voiceover panel like most of them do, but this cast each had to represent a certain emotion. As a huge fan of SNL I knew Poehler and Hader would be great and that Mindy Kaling, basing it on her character Amy in The Forty Year Old Virgin, would nail Disgust. I confess I don’t really know the work of Lewis Black or Phyllis Smith but Smith as Sadness, which turns out to be arguably the most important character does an impeccable job of portaying sadness as an undesirable but imperative trait…and also making it funny.

I enjoyed the concept of blaming all my emotions on little personified beings inside my head at “Head” quarters. It would be up to five little masterminds to control…my mind and thus the formation of personality would be left up to the luminous Joy, the feisty Anger, jittery Fear, green Disgust, and the downer Sadness.

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