Ovi(bae)do – Seguridad: (n) security

Seguridad: (n) security

Oviedo is known as one of the safest cities in Europe. Well, that’s what someone on the internet told me before I got here, but so far it seems pretty valid. There have been maybe one or two times when I was the only visible person on a street. If you walk around at midnight, workers are hosing down the streets, picking up trash and painting over graffiti. I’ll see small women walking around alone at night, not alarmed or stressed to get home in any way.

I’m pretty sure that being a cop in Oviedo would be like being a cop in a kindergarten classroom, Bikini Bottoms or the Island of Misfit Toys. I always see policemen, but they’re usually standing around looking at people or casually driving and looking at people or kicking dumb Americans out of parks for doing yoga. Ok, so they didn’t actually kick them out, but I kind of wish they did.

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